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Where It Is

Beautiful, vibrant Mississauga, Ontario appeals to residents and visitors alike. Whether you plan on purchasing real estate in this area, or whether you already live here and your household simply requires additional space, you'll discover many lovely residential properties. If you seek a scenic, cosmopolitan community offering a comfortable lifestyle with many public and business facilities and a high standard of living, Mississauga offers a wonderful location. The MLS listings advertise a variety of lovely houses, condos and apartments. Mississauga remains a popular destination for people relocating to the Toronto area. Mississauga lies within the Greater Toronto Area. It now ranks as the sixth largest city in Canada. With a population of 752,000, the community extends into the countryside south of Toronto. It perches along the scenic shoreline of Lake Ontario, close to Hamilton, Canada, and just a short drive from the United States and Niagara Falls. Mississauga is surrounded by Oakville, Brampton, Toronto, Halton Hills and Milton.

Who Lives Here

Several small farming communities began developing in parts of modern Mississauga during the Nineteenth Century. Many of these population centers, such as Cooksville, today form distinctive neighbourhoods within the city. In 1867, the Dominion of Canada formed. It comprised Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Through the Statute of Westminster in 1931, Canada finally attained a co-equal political status with Great Britain. By this time, Toronto's population had expanded considerably in size. Most of the first residents of Mississauga were local Native American peoples and descendants of immigrants from parts of France, the UK and the United States. During the Twentieth Century, immigrants from other places moved in large numbers to the Toronto area. Today, Mississauga enjoys a multi-cultural population. This diversity contributes to the cosmopolitan reputation of the city. Mississauga incorporated as a city in 1974. The community takes great pride in the fact itspopulation speaks a multitude of languages, including: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Tamil, Vietnamese, Urdu and Tagalog.

Coming Home

If you peruse the Homes For Sale real estate listings in Mississauga, you'll notice some outstanding values. A number of historic neighbourhoods contribute to the vitality of this urban centre: Lakeview, Port Credit, Clarkson, Sheridan, Lorne Park, Summerville, Cooksville, Erindale, and more, create a wonderful urban landscape. You'll find stylish architecture, residential amenities and excellent public schools awaiting you here. So take a few moments to consider all the trendy features offered by the Mississauga lifestyle. You won't regret spending time learning more about this exciting place to live.

What's Nearby

Mississauga offers a great place for visitors to stay in comfort while they tour nearby sights of interest in the Great Lakes Region. Nearby Niagara Falls, located along the border with the United States, for many years has served as a magnet for honeymooners. It also draws multitudes of tourists. In addition to the waterfalls, the serene beauty of Lake Ontario holds great allure. As you search the real estate listings in Mississauga, you may find condos, apartments and houses offering breathtaking views of the lake front. To really appreciate the full majesty of the scenery in this area, many people enjoy taking a day trip immediately south, to Bronte Creek Provincial Park outside Burlington. You'll enjoy the excellent views of Lake Ontario and the stunning terrain. Then drive northward through far eastern Mississauga on Lake Shore Boulevard to Toronto in the north, (following Gardiner Expressway until Kingston Road) all the way to Kew Gardens Beach and Park. This excursion offers a wonderful opportunity to really appreciate Mississauga's excellent proximity to Lake Ontario and all of the potential waterfront recreational activities this unique locale offers. Residents of Mississauga enjoy all the benefits of year around lakeside living. Whether formal cruise dinner excursions through the Port of Toronto appeal to you, or you prefer riding across the water in a small boat, or swimming at a beach, plenty of lake activities hold interest for people fortunate enough to reside in the local area!

Getting Here

Mississauga offers residents convenient access to transportation. Travel using roads, trains, buses, boats or planes. It borders the busiest flight centre in Canada: Toronto Pearson International Airport. With close proximity to international venues from this location, people in the community can vacation abroad or spend time visiting a multitude of local attractions. Mississauga serves as a regional hub in southern Ontario.

Landmarks in City Centre Ar Mississauga

Mississauga also provides numerous local attractions. From shopping in upscale boutiques to dining at excellent restaurants, the Mississauga lifestyle provides numerous amenities. Residents can attend professional sports matches and theatrical productions, participate in athletic activities, tour museums and galleries and spend time attending a wide assortment of special events. Just a few of Mississauga's more popular local attractions include: The Living Arts Centre: This organization oversees some 225,000 square feet of space for theatrical, film and concert performances. You can attend dramatic productions, watch dances and comedy acts, and listen to a wide array of speakers and musical artists. The Hershey Centre: Visit this venue to attend a professional hockey or basketball game, a musical performance or a boxing match. Professional ice skaters sometimes thrill audiences by appearing in this venue, too. In 2015, some of the Pan Am sporting events will occur in this location. Benares Historic House: This cultural museum offers many special events for residents, such as formal Teddy Bear picnics for children and their families. Tours provide a glimpse into Ontario's rich history. Art Gallery of Mississauga:A public nonprofit art gallery, this facility furnishes exhibits, tours, workshops and seminars. Bradley Museum: Visit the Bradley Museum to tour an 1830s farmhouse, see crafts re-created in a relocated log cabin and study the architecture of an historic Ontario Regency cottage. Recreational Opportunities in Mississauga In addition to watching athletic events, residents of Mississauga enjoy the opportunity to participate in many sports and other outdoor activities. With an excellent system of local parks and public gardens in the community, numerous lovely spots exist to practice Tai Chi, walk, exercise pets, or picnic. Mississauga possesses an excellent network of paths and nature trails; in fact, it was voted the fourth most walkable city in Canada by Walk Score. Additionally, many residents enjoy playing golf. In the center of the City, the BraeBen greens at 5700 Terry Fox Way offer both 9-hole and 18-hole play. A second golf course, Lakeview, furnishes a challenging 18-hole course and provides patrons with facilities that include a patio and a pub. Novice players and their families may enjoy visiting The Academy at BraeBen. It maintains a greens with 9-holes, and features professional golf instructors. Many golfing classes and workshops conducted at this site introduce new players to the game of golf, and help experienced participants improve their scores. Other available recreational activities of interest to residents include tennis, soccer, rugby, volley ball, climbing, swimming, cycling and horseback riding. Hockey, ice skating, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing provide excellent wintertime outdoor activities, also. Ontario offers many exciting leisure pursuits.

Schools and Childcare in City Centre Ar Mississauga

This location offers inviting economic opportunities. Set amidst the unparalleled beauty of Southern Ontario and the Great Lakes Region, Mississauga benefits from its diverse and well-educated population. Over 54,000 enterprises conduct business within the community. Employers maintaining corporate facilities here include more than 60 corporations listed on the Fortune 500. This type of solid business climate allows Mississauga to weather changing economic conditions much better than many other Canadian cities. It bodes well for real estate investors. Additionally, the community boasts several premier educational institutions. The University of Toronto maintains a campus in this location. Hiring firms can draw upon graduates of the Canadian Business College of Mississauga, too. Located within easy driving distance of both Toronto, the largest city in Canada, and Ottawa, the nation's capital, this location will likely remain a prosperous centre for many years.

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